Business insurance

Insurance coverage for your business





The new business insurance program “Business4all” offered by AXA Insurance ensures comprehensive insurance cover for the building as new for old, and for the contents of your business together with all its merchandise and equipment. In addition, it protects you and your employees.


Why is it necessary to insure your business?


  • Because your business is exposed to unforeseen risks and events on a daily basis
  • Because it is an asset and a means of livelihood
  • Because a damage could have major economic consequences
  • Because the cost of insurance is extremely small compared to the value of your business.

Who is Business4all meant for?

All self-employed persons (doctor, engineer, accountant, trader, handicraftsman, hotelier, etc.) who maintain privately-owned or hired business premises, such as Offices, Surgeries, Shops, Laboratories, Hotels, or Craft Industries.

Business4all covers:

  • The premises, merchandise and equipment of your business from the risk of fire, explosion, flooding, extreme weather conditions, earthquake, damage to retail storefronts or glass panes, as well as from the risk of strikes, civil unrest, malicious actions, etc.
  • The merchandise, equipment and your money from the risk of theft and robbery.
  • You and your business employees from the consequences of a possible accident.
  • The extra costs you will have to cover in the wake of damage, such as fire-fighting costs, damage limitation costs, expenses paid for the collection of debris, damages caused to the building after a robbery, relocation & storage costs, engineers’ and architects’ fees.
  • Technical Assistance Services featuring a wide range of services with a strong focus on dealing with emergency Technical Assistance and restoring or limiting the damage caused to your business.
  • Civil liability to third parties
  • If you or your staff should inadvertently cause damage or injury to third parties.
  • As a result of fire, explosion or water leakage.
  • Ensuring the smooth operation of your business in the aftermath of damage by covering fixed operational costs (utility bills, rent, etc) as well your net profits.

Additional reasons why you should choose the business insurance program “Business4all”

  • Because it gives you the flexibility to choose the level of your participation in recovering the damage. This is to say that you can choose the amount you are willing to pay in the event of damage and, in this way, shape the amount of the insurance premium.
  • Because it enables you to choose the cover range of your insurance policy to suit your needs and your financial capabilities.
  • Business4all Insurance Premium
  • Choose the insurance covers that match your business profile and shape the cost of insurance cover accordingly.



The business insurance program “Business4all” offers you the following insurance covers:


  • Fire,
  • Direct lightning strike,
  • Fire due to forest,
  • Smoke,
  • Consequential damages after a fire,
  • Widespread blast,
  • Aeroplane crash,
  • Vehicle impact,
  • New for Old insurance,
  • Technical assistance
  • Automatic indexation,
  • Flood/Hurricane/Storm,
  • Accidental  sprinkler leakage,
  • Snow/Hail/Frost,
  • Burst pipes, detection expenses and own damage to pipes,
  • Debris Collection,
  • Stoppages/Strikes/Uproars/Lockouts/Demonstrations/Turmoil/Political Unrest,
  • Terrorist Actions,
  • Malicious Actions,
  • Glass Breakage,
  • Security expenses for guarding insured property,
  • Architects’ fees,
  • Expenses paid to public authorities,
  • Short-circuit,
  • New acquisitions,
  • Protection against inadvertent under-insurance,
  • Civil Liability associated with fire/explosion/flooding,
  • Temporary Housing costs or lost rents,
  • Loss of earnings (allowance)


Boost your insurance with optional covers


More comprehensive protection is available to you and your business through extra insurance covers to protect your property and your money, or protect you from civil liability claims.


  • Burglary / Break-in theft
  • Damage caused to the building by thieves
  • Earthquake
  • Subsidence or/and landslide
  • Any other accidental damage for electronic equipment
  • Deterioration of merchandise
  • Any other accidental damage
  • Loss of Profit
  • Loss of Rents
  • General Liability 
  • General Liability and Employer Liability
  • Theft of safe and cash register
  • Money Transfer
  • Personal accident

Advisory service

In addition to the protection provided by the Insurance Program “Business4all”,ΑΧΑ Insurance offers you useful advice on:


  • How to improve the quality of the insured fixtures of your business.
  • How to align your business with the conditions characterising a “protected business” as regards active/passive protection against fire, civil liability and physical protection against theft.

The provision of advisory services is automatically put into effect at no extra cost for all insured persons who acquire the business insurance program “Business4all”.


Just fill in your personal details in the online form "Advisory service" to be contacted by an expert AXA advisor.