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Medi+ Care

Medi+ Care

Secure your family's Health with just 1.4 € / day(*)


AXA Insurance with the Medi+Care program protects you with a big range of out-patient’s benefits at the hospitals of Athens Medical Group and the diagnostic centers and doctors all over Greece cooperating with the Group.


  • Diagnostic tests with a simple referral from your personal physician, up to the amount of 4,000 €/year, without your participation if the referral is from a Public Insurance Body or with 10% participation if the referral is from your physician.
  • Full annual check-up or prenatal control, free-of-charge.
  • Unlimited free –or with small participation - medical visits to the outpatient’s clinics of the cooperating hospitals and the surgeries of cooperating physicians.
  • Coverage of all emergencies (Attica and Thessaloniki).
  • Transportation to the Group’s clinics by ambulance.


    • Sign in the program up to 70 years of age without insurability check
    • You can enter the program either separately, without a hospital program, or in conjunction with the hospital programs Medi+ 





        Age 0 - 14

        Monthly : 8 €

        Annually : 95 €

        Age 15 - 49

        Monthly : 13 €

        Annually : 160 €

        Age > 50 

        Monthly : 18 €

        Annually : 220 €

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        (*) For a 4-member family, 40-year-old father, 38-year-old mother and two children with annual payment.

        10% discount is included on the calculation.