Golden investment rules

How to plan an investment

I analyze the current economic situation.
I set the investment risk limits I intend to undertake.

I set my investment goals
My goals must be realistic.

I consult my Financial – Insurance Consultant
The Consultant will confirm that my goals are realistic and will advise me in designing my investment plan.

I make long-term investments
Instability is typical to investments. By investing in the long run, I minimize the results of negative fluctuation and maximize benefits from positive fluctuation.

I make quality investments
I choose to invest where there is potential for increase in the value of my investments.

I diversify my investments
I do not put all my eggs in one basket. By diversifying my portfolio, a possible loss from one of my investment choices may be “balanced out” / “depreciated” by the benefits received from my other investment choice(s).

I insist on my plan in order to achieve my goals
Investing yields better returns on a long-term basis. I insist on my plan in order to achieve my goal.