Family financial support

Life insurance with AXA experience




Term Life

Life insurance plan addressed to you that you wish to keep the standard of living of your family and secure the cover of your financial obligations if at some point you cannot work due to permanent total disability or if you pass away. Life insurance is the simplest way to feel secure about your and your family’s financial future.

Life Coverage

The life insurance plan Life Coverage is the solution when an unexpected event at some point of your life threatens to leave you or your family financially exposed. If you cannot work due to permanent total disability or loss of life, then your financial liabilities will be covered with this life insurance and your family’s plans will be realized as you had planned.


Loan Protection

Loan Protection is a loss-of-life insurance plan of decreasing capital specially designed to protect you as a borrower. It assures the smooth payment of the rest of your loan if you cannot work any more due to permanent total disability or you have passed away. Your or/ and your family will keep the quality of life, without stress for the payment of loan obligations.


Monthly income assurance

Loss-of-life insurance plan addressed to anyone with monthly personal and family obligations, wishing to assure a monthly fixed income for your loved ones in case you pass away. With the monthly income assurance, you feel certain that your family’s plans (i.e. children’s studies) will be realized whatever happens.



The Accident insurance plan covers the financial consequences of accidents that can occur at home, in the work place or/ and the street. It is for all of you that you wish to feel financial safety and security even in the case of an unpleasant event, such as accident....

Protection 3

The Protection 3 life insurance plan helps you deal with the financial consequences of an unexpected event that can threaten you or your family at some point of your life. It is addressed to all of you, aged 30-50, wishing to protect your loved ones financially during harsh times that you may have passed away or to cover the expenses in case of a severe disease having affected you.



The biggest insurance name worldwide

  • Because it belongs to the AXA Group, the biggest insurance brand worldwide, with 166,000 employees and 107 million customers
  • Because it has long experience and know-how in the property insurance reflected in the insurance plans it offers.
  • Because it has achieved high satisfaction rates of its customers
  • Because it stands out in the insurance market achieving quite a few distinctions to date (Famous Brands, Corporate Brands, Interbrand Best Global Brands)
  • Because it offers comprehensive, flexible and economical life insurance plans.

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