Art Insurance

Insurance of pieces of art and art collections


Each collection of works of art needs protection against possible threats. AXA Insurance, with the necessary know-how and experience, created the ArtInsurance plan for private collectors, galleries, shops with works of art, museums, antique shops, institutions, associations and bodies with relevant interest.


The insurance of works of art offered by AXA Insurance covers individual objects or collections against risks such as:

  • Fire, Lightning, Smoke
  • Flood, Storm, Thunderstorm
  • Pipe bursting or leakage 
  • Explosion of any nature
  • Theft or Robbery
  • Terrorist attacks, Vandalism, Malevolent damage (optional cover)
  • Earthquake (optional cover).


  • Affordable insurance premiums
  • Clear and transparent insurance terms

Note: The works of art are insured together with the house and not individually.